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You're not crazy – you just haven't found your Tribe... yet!

We are a global community of awake creators bridging the gap between spirituality and business. Driven by a shared vision of a brighter, more joyful future for humanity and our planet, humanplus is your home if you want to embody your full potential and raise the planetary frequency with your impact.

Welcome Home.

humanplus is the place to connect, learn, explore & co-create the more beautiful world we know is possible.

At humanplus, you will find many people on the same frequency: purpose-driven individuals who feel the intuitive calling to embody higher ways of being, curious souls who yearn to have deeper conversations around consciousness, wisdom and spirituality and audacious change makers keen to translate inspiration into practical, personal and systemic change.

Expect the Unexpected

  1. Death & Re-birth: To birth the new, the old has to go. Let go of mind-made limitations, societal programming and conditioning to step into a higher, more aligned version of yourself and create from your essence.

  2. Transformation & Community: There are plenty of opportunities for us to learn from books, podcasts, videos and therelike. These mediums are essential, but they are one-directional. Our journey also benefits from multi-lateral exchanges with people from various backgrounds and perspectives, where we can also give from our own place of knowing.

  3. New Friendships: They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Are they supporting you or putting you down? Without the right support network, it will be hard to maintain the new frequency and stay on the path. Join our tribe and make new friends that truly support, care for, elevate and celebrate you.

  4. Co-creation: Co-creators serve from a place of love, compassion and goodwill to create solutions that benefit all. They strive to utilise their skills and abilities in ways that benefit the world and humanity as a whole. For those interested in taking it to the next level, we are always keen to explore and create new ways of working and living together.

They call us "dreamers" but we are the ones that don't sleep.

For sincere entrepreneurs, creators, leaders and inventors who want to embody their full potential, keen to raise the planetary frequency with their impact and do so in a conscious, aligned way.

Is this you?

  1. Had a crazy awakening experience that turned your world upside-down or,

  2. Always knew you were different wanting to make a positive difference in the world or,

  3. Have been on the spiritual path for a while & feel ready to do what you came here to do or,

  4. Are already running your (spiritual) business but want to take it to the next level

Choose your Tribe

Choose between the Earth, Air, Water & Fire Tribes, which are all interconnected. Swipe right to see all, if you are looking at this from your mobile phone and see more details below.

Earth 🌍Air 💨Water 💦Fire 🔥
Digital community spaceDigital community spaceDigital community spaceDigital community space
Aligned job-opportunitiesAligned job-opportunitiesAligned job-opportunitiesAligned job-opportunities
-Weekly gatherings, experiences, talksWeekly gatherings, experiences, talksWeekly gatherings, experiences, talks
-2 free events per monthUnlimited access to all eventsUnlimited access to all events
--1:1 Spiritual Mentorship (Monthly)1:1 Spiritual Mentorship (Monthly)
---Group Coaching (Monthly)
---Visionary Sessions (Quarterly)

N.B. Prices are indicative and may change as we are still adding and determining the effort, cost and value for each point.

✨ Digital community space

Access our invite-only digital community space to connect with a curated crowd of awake, heart-led humans on the same frequency from all Elements. We regularly share exclusive, helpful and inspiring content from trusted sources that are relevant to specific times and aspects of your spiritual journey and your continuous expansion. Immerse yourself in meaningful conversation around consciousness, wisdom, and spirituality, explore new possibilities and exchange in a safe and supported container with fellow tribe members.

💻 Aligned opportunities (job board)

After a spiritual awakening, it can feel next to impossible to work for what we call “human-minus” companies (companies that are not adding any value to the world). However, we also recognise that for many of us, it is important to feel grounded and have a sense of stability while we navigate the ups and downs of such life-changing awakening moments. This is why we curate and maintain a list of job offerings from conscious companies that are in alignment with your “higher self” aspirations and values. We hope that this will make your transition a little bit easier.

💬 Transformational experiences, workshops & talks

We love creating and facilitating spaces for profound (self-)enquiry, discovery, meaningful exchanges and deep connection so that you can access, experience and share your innate wisdom in a safe and supported container. In addition, we also offer a variety of spiritually expansive practices that are well-vetted by traditions and science, including (guided) meditations, breathwork, and so on. Frequent talks from inspiring guest speakers are also on the menu.

🔥 Group coaching

In our group coaching, we cover topics like conscious leadership, embodiment, business model design, authentic marketing and sales, etc. Our goal is to provide the necessary infrastructure, frameworks and expertise to channel insight and wisdom into physicality and therefore, manifest your desired reality. You will be grouped with people with the same intentions and challenges and meet once a month.

👥 Mentoring for Spiritual Growth

Receive dedicated support from experienced humanplus mentors, who are true role models in many ways creating and leading the change into the new world. Your mentor will help you to get to the next level of your spiritual development, leadership and inside-out creation and meet with you at least once a month.

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